Product/Riser Card/ARC2-PEL-2X16


Up to three PCIE flexible riser cards with various lengths of ribbon cable, framed on a brace to mount on the 2U chassis and connect to two or three PCIe board slots. female and male conectors can be configured to any combination of PCIE x1, x4, x8 or x16. Cable lengths configured to 5cm, 7cm, 10cm, and up to 30cm(PCIe x4). When order please advise board model# so to configure correct cable lengths.

Ordering information:

1) ARC2-PEL-2X16 (2-slots flexible PCIE x16)
2) ARC2-PEL-X16X1X1 (3-slots flex PCIE,top slot PCIE x16,middle & bottom slot PCIEx1)
3) ARC2-PEL-X1X16X1 (top slot x1, middle slot x16, bottom slot x1)
4) ARC2-PEL-X16X8 (top slot x16 to board slot7, middle slot x8 to nearby PCIe x8 slot)
5) ARC2-PEL-2X8 (2-slots flexible PCIEx8 )
6) ARC2-PEL-X4X16(top slot x4, middle slot x16)





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