Product/Riser Card/ARC2-793-Cx


PCI-E/PCI-32 combo riser card, 1*PCIe x16 + 2*PCI-32 W/custom length flexible cable.

For extention of PCIe x16 on motherboard slot-7 and two PCI-32 on nearby slots (from PCI-32 slot-1 to slot-5), such as Intel D955XBK (use ARC2-793-C5), Intel D946, DG965,DQ965,DG31PR,DG33BU, DG33FB Series, Supermicro P8SAA, FOXCONN 915P Series (use ARC2-793-C3), Gigabyte GA-K8N51PVMT-9, GA-K8N51GMF-9 (use ARC2-793-C5) etc.

Order information:

1) ARC2-793-C3 (w/3cm cable)
2) ARC2-793-C5 (w/5cm cable)
3) ARC2-793-C7 (w/7cm cable)





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