Product/Riser Card/ARC2-746-Cx


2U PCIX/PCIE combo riser card, supporting 1-slot PCIe x16 and 2-slots PCI-X 64bit/3.3V Riser Card w/custom length flexible cable.

The PCIe gold finger is linked to the middle riser slot and connect to the motherboard slot-6 (PCIe x16).

The bottom & top (main) PCI-64 riser slots are connected to the same bus PCIX-64 motherboard slots.

For Intel SE7525GP2,7525RP2, Supermicro X6DA8, X6DH8, X6DHE Series, PDSG4/PDSGE, Tyan S2676 (use ARC2-746-C9) etc.





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