Product/Riser Card/ARC2-733 Series

ARC2-733 Series

2U up to 3-slots PCIe/PCI/PCI-X independent connection w/custom lengths of EMI shielded ribbon cable.

PCIe slots and goldfingers can be configured to PCIe x1, x4, x8 or x16, PCIe 3.0 Gen3 compatible.
Picture shown is riser with 2-slots PCIe X8 which can be configured up to 3-slots independent expansions( 3-slots PCIe, 2-slots PCIe + 1-slot PCI/PCIX or 1-slot PCIe + 2-slots PCI-X independent). The top riser slot sit to the board slot6 which aligns to the horizontal three-slots cutout of the 2U chassis, the middle and bottom slots are connected with various lengths of ribbon cable to reach different position of board slots.

Order information:

1) ARC2-733-2X8C5V3 ( x8 on top and middle riser slots w/5cm ribbon)
2) ARC2-733-2X16C5V3 (x16 on top and middle riser slot w/5cm ribbons)
3) ARC2-733-X16X8C5V3(top slot PCIe x16, middle slot x8)
4) ARC2-733-3X8V3, (x8 on top, middle and bottom riser slots)
5) ARC2-733-X8P66, (x8 on top, PCI-X/64 on middle & bottom)
6) ARC2-733-X16P66 (x16 on top, PCI-X/64 on middle & bottom)
7) ARC2-733-2X8P6, (x8 on top & middle, PCI-X/64 on bottom)
8) ARC2-2X8P3C7V3 (x8 on top & middle, PCI-32 on bottom)
9) ARC2-733-2X16P6V3, (x16 on top & middle, PCI-X/64 on bottom)
10) ARC2-733-X16X8P6V3 ( x16 on top, x8 on middle, PCI-X on bottom)
11) ARC2-733-X16X8X8CxV3 (x16 on top, x8 on middle & bottom)
12) ARC2-733-2X16P3V3 (x16 on top & middle, PCI-32 on bottom)
13) ARC2-733-2X16P6V3 (x16 on top & middle, PCI-X on bottom)
14) ARC2-733-X16X1X1 (x16 on top, x1 on middle & bottom)
15) ARC2-733-X16X1P3 (x16 on top, x1 on middle, PCI-32 on bottom)
16) ARC2-733-X16P3V3 (x16 on top, PCI-32 on middle or bottom)
17) ARC2-733-X16P6 (x16 on top, PCI-X 64bit on middle or bottom)
18) ARC2-733-2X16X8C11V3 (x16 on top &middle, X8 on bottom)
19) ARC2-733-X4X16P3(x4 on top to board slot6, x16 on middle to board slot5, bottom PCI-32 to board nearby PCI slot)
20) ARC2-733-X160X16C5V3(x16 on top and bottom w/5cm ribbon)
21) ARC2-733-X160X8C5V3 (X16 on top, x8 on bottom w/5cm ribbon)
22) ARC2-733-X160X1C5V3(X16 on top, x1 on bottom w/5cm ribbon)
23) ARC2-733-X160X4C5V3(x16 on top, x4 on bottom w/5cm ribbon)
24) ARC2-733-X160X8C9V3(X16 on top, x8 on bottom w/9cm ribbon)

Not all riser combinations are listed on the website. Please call for your need. When order please always advise board model# and your need of PCIe/PCI/PCI-X expansions. The more info you give the better we can serve you and configure correct riser solutions for you.





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