Product/Riser Card/ARC1-PELX4J1-Cx


PCI Express X4 flexible riser card, right-angled female to male connector, with various lengths of ribbon cables from 5cm to 30cm, for 1U, 2U IPC chassis, Mini-ITX, CarPC and other applications that require mounting PCIe x4 add-on card at different location. Female slot on a short PCB(2.36" wide)to avoid components interference in tight-space slim case.

  • One PCI Express X4 female slot on a short PCB 2.36"(L) x 0.71"(H)
  • Flexible cable length: from 5cm to 30cm.
  • Left-side(B side)insert to face away the board or re-direct the female slot to face over the board(A side). RoHS compliant.

Ordering information:

1)ARC1-PELX4J1-C5 (w/5cm ribbon)
2)ARC1-PELX4J1-C7(w/7cm ribbon)

3)ARC1-PEJX4J1-C9(w9cm ribbon)
4)ARC1-PEJX4J1-C11(w.11cm ribbon)
5)ARC1-PELX4J1-C15(w/15cm ribbon)
6)ARC1-PELX4J1-C20(w/20cm ribbon)
7)ARC1-PELX4J1-C30(w/30cm ribbon)




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