Product/Riser Card/ARC1-PELX16A1-C7V2X8


PCIe x8 flexible riser. PCIe x16/x8 right-angled female to x8 male connector with 5cm(2") up to 30cm(12") flexible ribbon. PCIe 2.0/3.0 Gen2/Gen3 compatible,RoHS compliant.


  • One PCI Express X16/x8 right-angled female slot to X8 male gold finger.
  • Flexible cable length: 5cm,7cm or custom lengths, EMI shielded
  • Left-side insertion (to face away the board). PCIe 2.0/3.0, RoHS compliant.

Ordering information:

1) ARC1-PELX16A1-C3V2X8 (x16 female to x8 male, 3cm ribbon)
2) ARC1-PELX16A1-C5V2X8 (x16 female to x8 male, 5cm ribbon)
3) ARC1-PELX16A1-C7V2X8 (x16 female to x8 male, 7cm ribbon)
4) ARC1-PELX8A1-C5V2 (x8 female to x8 male w/5cm ribbon)
5) ARC1-PELX8A1-C11V2 (X8 female to x8 male w/11cm ribbon)
6) ARC1-PELX16A1-C30V2X8 (X16 female to x8 male w/30cm ribbon)
7) ARC1-PELX8A1-C30V2 (X8 female to x8 male w/30cm ribbon)


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