Product/Riser Card/ARC1-PELX16A1-C7V3( Ver. 3.0)

ARC1-PELX16A1-C7V3( w/7cm ribbon cable)

1-slot PCI-Express x16 flexible riser card, right-angled female to male connector, w/various lengths of ribbon cable, support latest Radeon HD7950,R9 290X, GeForce GTX680, 690, 760, 770, 780, 780Ti, 980, 990 etc, PCIe 3.0 Gen3 compatible, RoHS compliance.


1) One slot PCIe x16 rigiht-angled female to x16 male.
2) Flexible cable lengths: 3cm to 30cm, high-speed premium ribbon, solid conductors, direct-soldered pin-to-pin precise machine termination, EMI shielded, 3.0 Gen3 compatible.
3) Left side insert to face away the board.

Order information:

1) ARC1-PELX16A1-C3V2(w/3cm ribbon)
2) ARC1-PELX16A1-C5V2 (w/5cm ribbon)
3) ARC1-PELX16A1-C7V3 (w/7cm ribbon)
4) ARC1-PELX16A1-C11V3(w/11cm ribbon)
5) ARC1-PELX16A1-C15V2(w/15cm ribbon)
6) ARC1-PELX16A1-C20V2(w/20cm ribbon)
7) ARC1-PELX16A1-C30V2X8(30cm ribbon, x16 female to x8 male)
8) ARC1-PELX16A1-C30V2X4(30cm ribbon, x16 female to x4 male)


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