Product/Riser Card/ARC1-901A/ARC1-601A

ARC1-901A (x1 to PCI 32bits)
ARC1-601A (x8 to PCI-X 64 bits)

1-slot PCIe x1 to PCI-32 or PCI-64 bridge-based active riser card for standard 1U/2U chassis.
PCI or PCI-X right-angled female to PCIe x1 or PCIe x8 straight male
connector, with universal dummy goldfingers to sit into the board x1, x4, x8 or x16 slot. Use ARC1-901AEXT & ARC1-601AEXT(slot center height 1.85") for 2U chassis.

Technical Details:

  • Form Factor - 1U (slot center H=1.06")
  • Gold Finger Type - PCIe x1(Pericom bridge)or PCIe x8(NEC bridge)male conn.
  • Number of Slots - 1
  • Slot location - Left (to face away the board), right-angled female.
  • Slot Type - PCI-32 or PCI-64, one FDD type +12V male connector for external power supply (also have -12V pinout in the riser board).


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