Product/Adapter/APA-LS248, APA-CDST

Photo & Mechanical drawing


Adapter, SATA to slim ATAPI optical device. Part# APA-LS248(with master/slave mode jumper setting)or APA-CDST( 2xAudio ports). All RoHS compliant.

Allows you to connect a slim CD-RW/DVD-RW to motherboard SATA port with a SATA data cable.

Features & specifications:

  • Fully compatible with all kinds of slim ODDs, like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-RW drives. RoHS compliant.
  • One fine-pitch 50pins connector for slim drive.
  • One SATA 7pins data connector.
  • One FDD-type power connector, 4pins 5V.
  • One 4-pin 2.54 pitch CD Audio connector.(APA-CDST)
  • One 4-pin 2.0 pitch CD Audio connector. (APA-LS248, APA-CDST)
  • With master/slave mode jumper setting(APA-LS248 Ver.1.3)




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