Sketch Diagram of Heat Pipe

Why the heat pipe?

When heat is added to one end of the heat pipe, called the evaporator end,
it causes the working fluid near the wall of heat pipe to evaporate or change phase to vapor.
At this time the pressure of the vapor at evaporator end will increase and thus force the vapor
moves through the center of the heat pipe to the lower-stressed condenser end.
The vapor releases its heat energy at the condenser end and becomes liquid again.
Then with capillarity, it travels back to the evaporator end through wick structure and completes a working cycle.

The structure of the heat pipe are :

1.The container.
2.The capillary structure.
3.The working fluid.

Advantage :

1 .Conduct great heat in a very short time.
2. No need to input additional power during heat conduct.
3. Light in weigh

Heat pipe :

1.The fluid inside the heat pipe will vaporize at very low temperature.
The latent heat will be dispersed in no time.
2. Transfer the heat from lower heat sink to upper heat sink.